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about RIS

enabling reuse, enabling savings

We make reusing products smart.  When your cartridge runs out of ink, it's not broken, it's just empty.   When your car runs out of gas, you don't throw it away, you refill it.   But according to Consumer Reports (September 2013), if you refilled your gas tank with printer ink, it would cost you $9,600.   What?!  That's just crazy.

We know.   That's why RIS designed the InkCenter™ - to make it easy for you to reuse your inkjet cartridges.   With our refills you get:

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Up to 70% savings

Can you tell the difference?

Our inks are formulated to work perfectly with your printers and allow for the same high-quality output you expect from a brand-name ink cartridge.

Like-new print quality
(some say even better quality)

Up to 20% more pages

Our refills deliver amazing value. You will print as many pages, if not more pages than a new cartridge.

Finding it hard to believe, take a look at this report from an independent testing service.

Equal or more pages
than a new cartridge

Plus, there is the added bonus of keeping cartridges out of the landfill

At RIS we are passionate about rethinking the way things are done.

Working smarter allows us time to enjoy the important things in life. Explore the possible.


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For Consumers

Print more
for less

To-date we have refilled over
12 Million cartridges and
saved consumers over
$144 million dollars.

Compelling value means
affordable printing without
compromising quality.

three easy steps to affordable printing

Reuse your empty cartridges instead of throwing them away

Take your cartridges to a local retail partner for refilling

Receive your refill in less than an hour, start printing for less

We recommend that you refill your cartridge as soon as you see the ink begin to run out. Continuing to print a cartridge that is running dry will damage it. Don't remove the cartridge from your printer until you are ready to take it in for a refill.
The number of refills depends on many factors but, most importantly, how well you take care of your cartridge. Customers can achieve multiple refills on a well-maintained cartridge before deciding to replace it with a new one.
Protect the cartridge and prevent it from drying out by using the plastic clip provided with your initial refill. If you do not have a clip, place the cartridges in a paper envelope (not a plastic bag). Be careful not to the rub print heads when transporting. Keep in a cool place. Never touch, clean or place tape over the print head nozzles (copper plate).
We closely match and in most cases significantly exceed the amount of ink you get when you buy a new cartridge. Take a look at this independent report which confirms you will recieve up to 20% more pages.
Ink quality does make a difference in your print quality, that's why we do not use Universal Ink in our refill solution. We use cartridge specific ink to match OEM colors and to ensure the highest possible output quality for each cartridge type.
Yes, the results you will get from a refilled cartridge will closely match OEM. For most consumers, there will be no significant difference in everyday printing quality. In a blind side-by-side comparison, many prefer the refilled quality. Whether printing with new or refilled cartridges, always use inkjet specific paper for best printing results.
We can recycle the cartridge for you. We recommend that you purchase a new OEM cartridge and bring it in for a refill the next time you run out of ink.
We refill HP, Canon, Epson, Dell and Lexmark cartridges. Click here for a complete list of supported cartridges
In order to provide the lowest price possible, we limit our service to the top cartridges in the market. Let us know what cartridge you would like us to refill.
It generally takes less than 10 minutes to refill a cartridge, but wait times depend on other order volume. See your local retailer for more details.
A refilled integrated cartidge (i.e. those found in 2-cartridge printer models) should be used within 90 days of refill and remain in the plastic clip until ready for use. Single color ink tanks ( i.e. those cartridges found in all 4, 5 and 6 cartridge-based printers) can be used within 1-year of refill. For additional cartridge and printer uasage tips, go to www.inkjet411.com.
Some printers have trouble recognizing refilled cartridges. For suggested workarounds and cartridge specific tips, go to: www.inkjet411.com
Most printer warranties are a year or less, make sure your printer is still under warranty. If it is, federal law prohibits any company from requiring you to purchase only their products and prohibits a manufacturer from voiding your machine's warranty simply by using alternative cartridge solutions. See the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act for more details.

We refill the leading cartridges from
HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark and Dell.

save money and the environment

Reusing a cartridge multiple times is:

5-10x more eco-friendly than remanufactured cartridges

90-95% more energy efficient than producing a new cartridge

Double your green impact by using recycled paper

Print Smart

Clean Print™

Great tool for reducing internet prints to only the information you need.

Refill your Wallet

Watch this video for tips on how to save on printer ink.

Improve your experience

Great tips for printing and troubleshooting.

Printing from Android

Easy options for printing from Android phone or tablet.

Save Big Money

Easy printer settings that help save on printing costs.

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“we deal with a lot of vendors, but none of them compare to RIS when it comes to customer service.”
big box retailer
dec 18, 2013

  • We focus on refill quality

    So our partners can focus

    On delighting customers

our future-proof technology
delivers like-new quality.

  • Efficient

    Parallel processing allows operators to refill up to 12 cartridges at a go - a crucial feature to meet peak retail demand. Top locations can process over 200 per day.


    Our ink quality, comprehensive care system and patented DeepFill™ technology maximizes cartridge life for multiple refills of the same cartridge.


    With our patented SmartAdapter™ design, new cartridges are easily added without field retrofits.

The RIS InkCenter™ hides complexity
and makes the quality decisions.


    The inkjet refilling process begins with the insertion of the cartridge into an adapter which guides the operator in drilling access holes.   The drill bit is fully shrouded for operator safety.


    The cartridge is then placed into the Clean Station.   The InkCenter™ gently cleans and empties the cartridge in one simple step.

  • FILL

    In the Fill Station, the ink cartridge is automatically refilled using a patented process while enclosed in a sealed vacuum chamber.   Our DeepFill™ process eliminates trapped air and ensures maximum ink delivery.   All quality decisions are made by the InkCenter™ with one touch of the screen.

  • TEST

    Finally, the operator switches the adapter and places the cartridge into the Test Station.   The cartridge is then tested by printing a test pattern.   This pattern will tell the operator whether the cartridge passes the RIS quality standards.

Refill economics produce big results

Raving, repeat customers

Above market sales/square foot

Sustainable returns

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